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The project’ target is the development of new multifunctional textiles providing simultaneously photocatalytic, auto-sterilizing, self-cleaning and enhanced antimicrobial properties based on innovative graphene oxide/TiO2 nanocomposites able to decompose pollutants in safe, non-toxic compounds, using only solar light.


The present project aims at developing the 4th generation of green photocatalysts by:

• synthesis of graphene oxide/doped titanium composites (GOT) with efficient absorption under UV and visible light;

• formulation of GOT composites as highly adherent solution onto textiles surface;

• development of photocatalytic textiles;

• evaluation of photocatalytic/self-cleaning/antimicrobial performances of the synthesized photocatalysts and textiles against usual pollutants and pathogenic microorganisms,

• biocompatibility/cytotoxicity testing of cells cultures toward photocatalytic compounds.


- composites nanopowders;

- photocatalytic and antibacterial textile materials;

- synthesis technologies of powder composites;

- technologies to coat textiles with photocatalytic;

- scientific papers, presentations at national and international conferences.

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